Our enhanced UltraV2 Controller Board and Split PID Control capable software are now available.

Your Use Case

BMP Controllers are precision devices used by OEM customers in systems that require accurate, precise control of temperature.  Use our controllers with larger size Peltier units (50W+) at nominal operating voltages of up to 24V (36V max).

Most of our controllers use variable frequency PWM for minimum noise, maximum efficiency and high accuracy control.  Linear options are available but are not usually recommended.

Typical applications include optical system stabilisation, medical testing and industrial testing, including cyclic testing.  These applications require very precise temperature control when faced with rapid load changes and while following fast or complicated set point change sequences.

System thermal loads can range from very low thermal mass to very high thermal mass.  These loads can be difficult to control.  With a fast control engine, BMP Controllers are designed to meet the demands of both types of loads.

BMP Controllers work with a broad range of sensors. The most commonly used are NTC resistors. The BMP Mega+ Board with Series 5 software and an NTC sensor is a work horse solution to many controller requirements.

Several other sensor options are available. Industry standard sensors including PT100 sensors, thermocouples and NIST tracible semiconductor sensors are supported. Hybrid and multi sensor options can be used for "tricky" situations.  Please discuss your sensor requirements with us.

There are two ways to interface with our controllers. Most controller features can be accessed via a comprehensive web interface.  We also provide full access to the controller command set via a direct serial connection. Access to the serial connection is required for some test and installation tasks.

The BMP Ultra Controllers can be networked with other Ultra controllers over a CAN Bus style bus. No central network controller is required. Some of our customers cannot connect to the internet, so while an internet connection is strongly recommended, an internet connection is not required.

Networked controllers can collaborate to control the temperature of a surface or a volume. The controllers can also be configured to load share or to provide a "hot" standby.  When a large number of controllers are used together, the controllers can be addressed in groups over a common connection.

If you are using multiple Ultra Controllers, the latest versions of the Series 5 software support a Split PID Control Strategy.   Each controller can base its control decisions all the available sensors.  You can read more about Split PID Control here:  Split PID control—Two sensors can be better than one.

The BMP Ultra Controller works with our ECM (Enhanced Capability Module).  We can use an ECM to add extra capabilities to the Ultra controller while retaining the performance and integrity of the controller.  Talk to us about adding an ECM to provide a cost-effective bespoke solution.

Series 5 software is protected by an encrypted license specific to the controller processor.  This protects your system investment by making it very difficult to copy. 

On the other hand; if you need something to keep your home brew warm, our controllers are not for you.  The sort thing you need is simple, cheap and available on several well-known online market places.   


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