Our enhanced UltraV2 Controller Board and Split PID Control capable software are now available.

BlueBoard Ultra Peltier Controller

BlueBoard Ultra Hardware Tech

  • Low noise, high power designs.

  • Built-in independent hardware supervision and recovery.

  • On board system temperature monitoring.

  • Broad support for NTC, PTC, semiconductor and thermocouple sensors.

  • CANBus style network hardware.

  • Controls for auxiliary fans and alarms.

  • Hardware supported licensing

Peltier Controller Settings

Series 5 OS Software Tech

  • Fault tolerant cooperation between up to 9 Ultra controllers or ECM units with no single point of failure.

  • System error monitoring, alarms and fault recovery.

  • “SmartFan” option to reduce cooling fan operation.

  • Most recent version of the BMP PID Engine.

  • Thermal runaway detection.

  • Supports standard NTC, PTC, semiconductor and thermocouple sensors.

  • Supports specialty sensors and data interpolation.

  • JSON based command processing and scripting.

  • Multiple command sources including web and direct connection all coexist.

  • User driven logging.

  • Built in tools for system performance monitoring.

  • Digital load balancing with automatic hot standby.

  • Support for Split PID Control.

  • Multiple datalogging formats.

  • Robust yet simple licensing.

Peltier Controller Command Example

JSON Based Commands and Scripts.

The Series 5 command processor queues JSON command strings from multiple sources. 

Command sources include the web interface, direct serial connections and the internal CANBus.  The JSON format commands can be very detailed while remaining easy to read.

The script engine processes scripts consisting of any command plus flow control items. 

Peltier Controller Logging Example

User Driven Logging.

Logging is initiated in response to the "LogItem" command.

Over 70 items can be logged on request.  Any message can appear with the logged item.  A log message can be date stamped and tagged to allow easy separation from the I/O stream.

Standard command qualifiers are accepted, for example, the "Response" key limits the output of extraneous data to the serial port.

CANBus based interprocessor networking.

Essential data is exchanged between Ultra controllers using a CANBus like bus.  This  data exchange supports Split PID control, load balancing and hot standby services.

Peltier Controller Settings

Split PID Control.

If you are using multiple Ultra Controllers, the latest versions of the Series 5 software support a Split PID control strategy. Each controller can base its control decisions on all the available sensors. You can read more about Split PID Control here:   Two sensors can be better than one.

Control over CANBus.

All commands can be routed from one controller to another over the CANBus network.  Key data can also be accessed over the same network. 

Continuous improvement.

Continuous improvement drives everything we do.  These waterfall diagrams show the improvement in control that each series of controllers has achieved.  Fast control loops, innovative sensors and low noise design make Series 5 the best yet.

Peltier Controller improvement trend

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