Our enhanced UltraV2 Controller Board and Split PID Control capable software are now available.

Our Pipeline

Innovation drives our business and opens opportunities for your business. Here is a peek at the things we are working on. Like all development projects, future timing is speculative, and some things may never make it to production. If you want them, talk to us.

Advanced PID Engine Development.

Split PID control can substantially improve the performance of Peltier systems, as you can see here and here.  Our take on Split PID control is available now on the Ultra controllers. Using the networking features of the Ultra controller we distribute the calculation of the PID elements to those controllers with the best placed sensors in the network. Ongoing.

Custom Adaptive Control Engines

Series 5 software now supports the easy integration of custom adaptive control engines as required.  Ongoing.

BlueBoard Gen 2 Ultra Controller

A refresh of the Ultra controller featuring improved performance and power management - available now.

BlueBoard Gen 2 Accessories

An additional ECM, new display options, preamplifiers and sensors, leveraged on the features of the Gen 2 Ultra Controller.


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