Our enhanced UltraV2 Controller Board and Split PID Control capable software are now available.

Collaborative Fault Tolerant Peltier Controllers

System Dashboard

Peltier Controllers from BMP Controls

At BMP Controls we design and build precision Peltier Controllers for OEM use.  These simple, high-power controllers are used to precisely control Peltier thermoelectric modules and resistive heaters.

Our Peltier Controllers feature a built-in web interface and can collaborate over a CAN bus style bus to enhance reliability and to control not just a point, but a surface or a volume.  We can build custom control solutions.  By adding our ECM unit to a controller we can customise our controllers quickly without compromising the integrity of the core system.

Use our proven modules in your own design, or we can prototype a controller for you using our modules.

Watch our Overview and Introduction here: The Designer's Notebook  


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